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Gusto Organic

A range of artisan soft drinks created using rare botanicals and inspired by a Taoist recipe dating back to the 12th century. The original Gusto Kola was developed in 1990 as a healthy, 100% natural alternative to carbonated drinks containing artificial flavouring, caffeine and refined sugar.

Each bottle contains a generous dose of Guarana for sustained energy, carefully balanced with fruit extracts, essential oils and exotic herbs and spices for a refreshing, sophisticated flavour.

Sweetened only with organic fair trade apple juice, these lightly sparkling functional drinks provide a gorgeous tasting guilt free boost whilst at work or play.

Each of the three recipes has unique properties: Original Kola for Energy and Focus blends African kola nut with 14 rare botanicals and matured, forest grown Panax Ginseng;

Sicilian Lemonade for energy,stamina and stress reduction combines crushed Sicilian lemons with aromatic lemongrass oil, astragalus and
Siberian ginseng;

Sicilian Orangeade for energy and vitality contains 7 botanicals including echinacea, elderberry, astragalus, turmeric and chilli.

Gusto's ingredients are all certified organic and all apple juice is Fairtrade.

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