Rubicon Lychee Sparkling

Rubicon Lychee Sparkling

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24 x 330ml



Sparkling Lychee juice drink made from the finest aromatic, hand picked lychees. Not from concentrate. Rich in vitamin C. Packed with antioxidant vitamins and contains zinc for a healthy immune system

No preservatives and no artificial colours or sweeteners. Suitable for vegetarians

The heart shaped lychee fruit originates from southern China. The rose coloured skin breaks away to reveal the sweet, juicy, almost translucent white flesh which contains a single brown seed.

The flavour of canned lychee has been popular in the UK, but only fresh fruits retain the characteristic delicate perfume found in Rubicon Exotic Fruit Drink. It is made with orchard fresh, hand picked fruits so that the fragrant, luscious and delicately sweet flavour of the fruit is always maintained.

Rubicon pride themselves on producing top quality exotic juice drinks made from only the finest ingredients.

Rubicon Lychee is recognised as Kosher, Parev

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